Termite Risks on the Gold Coast

Termite Risks

With the chances of termites, or white ants as they are commonly known, attacking your home more likely than fire, flood and natural disaster combined, it's wise to get a regular termite inspection if you own property on the Gold Coast. Massive structural damage can be done to a house in a matter of months by the more aggressive species of termites.

I have personally been involved in many sales where termite damage and even live termites have been discovered when the buyer has done a pest inspection after placing a contract on a property. This definitely puts the seller on the back foot and can lead to the buyer rescinding the contract or negotiating for a price reduction.

When there is a history of a termite barrier or termite baiting system having been installed and maintained, and regular inspections having been done, buyers are always more at ease with purchasing.

How to protect your property

You should have regular termite inspections done. A termite inspection is like a "health check" on your property, not only checking to see whether termites are attacking your property or are present in your yard, but also identifying issues around the property that need to be remedied to make it less attractive to termites.

There are also a variety of termite barriers and baiting systems that can be installed and you should consult an expert as to which system would best protect your home.


Your property is most likely one of your most valuable assets and it is definitely worth the investment to do regular inspections to avoid what could be tens of thousands worth of damage to the structure of your property.