Buyer Property Inspections

Open homes and private inspections

So your property is now on the market and enquiries are coming in and buyers are wanting to inspect. What is the best method to use, open homes or private inspections?

I personally use a combination of both as I feel each one has its advantages.

For me the golden rule is,

Make it easy for the buyer!

Private inspections

Private inspections are great for establishing a good rapport with the prospective buyer and allows the buyer to inspect the property without any crowds and get a better feel for how the property would feel to live in without the energy of anyone else in the property.

The relationship that can be stabilised with the buyer is often advantageous for the negotiation process.

There are circumstances when a buyer cannot make the open home time and it would be a great disservice to the seller not to facilitate the buyer inspecting by giving them access via a private inspection.

Open Homes

Open homes can make it very easy for buyers to see many homes in a short period of time and so often buyers who would not go to the trouble of arranging private inspections, will come and see the property during an open home.

The buzz created with many buyers at the open home can also make the home more desirable.


I like to encourage private inspections and the opportunity to engage one on one with buyers and feel that I can often achieve a better outcome for my sellers by doing so.

In order to encourage the enquiry for private inspections, I advertise the open home times later in the week. This way, any interested buyers will get in touch to arrange inspections and buyers who prefer open homes will see the open home times being advertised later in the week.