Why use a mortgage broker?

Whether you are buying your first home, dream home or an investment property, it pays to have an experienced mortgage broker help you get the best rate on your home loan.

There is no added cost to you and there is a good chance that they will get you a better home loan rate than your bank will offer. So why wouldn’t you enlist a mortgage broker to assist you?

The policies of the lending institutions are forever changing, depending on a myriad of reasons including legislation, economy and the individual financial situation of each institution.

This is why it pays to speak to a broker who is in the know and can find you the best product to suit your individual circumstances and get you the most competitive rate that can save you significant money in the long term on your home loan.

Repayment amounts for various home loan amounts and interest rate amounts

There are circumstances in which buyers are declined finance by their bank and a broker will be able to obtain finance from another institution where their policies are more suited to favour you.

Mortgage brokers have to be qualified and certified, but as with any industry, there will be different levels of service and expertise you will receive from different brokers. It pays to use someone who is recomended or has good reviews.

I can personally recommend Jason Cuerel of Loan Market as he has helped many clients of mine. Loan Market has access to over 30 institutions. You can learn more at https://www.loanmarket.com.au/jason-cuerel. You will also find a handy loan repayment calculator on his website.

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